List a Home to Rent for Masters Week

Renting your home in Augusta during Masters week allows homeowners to capitalize on the high demand for accommodations, often earning more than their monthly mortgage in just a few days.

Steps to listing your home:

  1. View our Masters Home Listing FAQ
  2. Complete the Home Rental Listing Application (online). — OR — download a hard-copy of the application. The easiest option is to complete the form online. If you choose to download a hard-copy, you will need to print, fill-in-the-blanks, scan, and then email the application to
  3. Send your listing pictures to
  4. Pay your $50 listing fee (see below).
  5. View our Home Rental Checklist outlining Elite’s expectations of a ready-to-rent home. Please save this to reference when preparing your home for guests.

Once your paperwork, fee, and pictures have been submitted, our team will create a listing. Once the listing is created, we will send you an email that you can proof for any errors or edits. We will then publish your listing.

Paying for your listing ($50)

Here is the Venmo/PayPal information you can submit your payment via friends/family to:

  • To pay via Venmo (Kevin McKerley / @Kevin-McKerley):

  • To pay via PayPal (Aaron Fera /