Golf in Augusta

Hi everyone it’s Katlyn! I’m back to talk about some sporting events that we do at Elite Events. One of our main events that we do is The Masters Tournament. If you have never heard of it, it is a huge golf tournament that takes place at the Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia. It happens the first full week of April every year. This year is a little different since Covid-19 hit. It will take place in November!!! This is a once in a lifetime thing!!!  

People come in from all around the world to volunteer, work, or attend the tournament. It is definitely one of those events where you want to say that you’ve seen it for yourself. I have been lucky enough to have attended the Masters quite a few times. It’s like a whole new world when you walk through those gates. The grass is a vibrant green and perfectly cut, the Azaleas are out in full bloom, and people are everywhere! One of the great things about The Masters is that the food and drinks are so cheap! You don’t have to pay a fortune to eat. 

Now something that I love to do while at the course is to people watch. I will get food, find a seat at the tables outside the shop and just watch all the people coming and going. It is also cool because you usually sit with other people and talk to them. I like to find out where they are from and how they are enjoying the tournament. Another one of my favorite things to do is to walk around random holes and watch the players come to play at that hole.

Hole 17 will forever be my favorite! I will never forget my first time attending the tournament and sitting at that hole everyday and having an awesome view of all the players right in front of me. I was even on TV with my mom at one point!!

This time brings tons of business to Augusta. With people coming from all over the world, the hotels, restaurants, and stores really boom. Though Augusta natives try to avoid places on Washington Road or downtown so they don’t have to worry about traffic and super busy wait times, many others come to see what our little town has to offer. 

Here at Elite we offer numerous services for our clients. We offer hospitality services, packages, transportation, renting houses out, and more. If you are interested in what we have to offer, let us know by going to our website at and filling out our contact form. 

– Katlyn 

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